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Feast of Dreams at Atlantis the Royal

With another quick year around the Sun, Arabian Travel Market (ATM), one of the region’s largest tourism events, returned to Dubai once again. But for the first time, Atlantis the Royal hosted its very first ATM event, which we were thrilled to be a part of! Combining elements of art, fashion, dance and music, we delivered non-stop entertainment at the Royal’s flagship restaurant, Gastronomy, under this year’s theme - Feast of Dreams. Atlantis welcomed over 500 unexpected guests, seeing an approximately 1500 guests who were greeted with a beautiful “live canvas” of elongated, elegantly themed artists on podiums and golden ladders, styled specially in dresses and headpieces of various vibrant fruits and vegetables, filling attendees with awe and the first of many photo opportunities.

The visually captivating exhibit-on-arrival, with its opulent and vibrant details, set the stage for an unforgettable evening and provided guests with a glimpse of what awaited them inside. With emphasis on showing the diverse range of international cuisines offered by the luxurious and fine dining establishments at Atlantis, we ensured the entertainment included various cultural experience on offer for the evening. Guests enjoyed performances featuring a captivating busking Flamenco group, comprising of two graceful flamenco dancers, a skilled guitarist and a talented percussionist to represent Jaleo by José Andrés Spanish restaurant.

At the All American Bar, guests were treated with melodies of beautiful jazz classics and toe-tapping tunes performed by a talented jazz trio, consisting of a female singer and pianist, an upright bassist, and a drummer.

Seizing the opportunity of the remaining good weather and stunning views, the performances continued outdoors. The crowd was enthralled by mesmerizing fire performances and traditional taiko drummers who brought their authentic Japanese artistry to the stage, captivating the audience with their powerful and rhythmic performances. Their presence added a special touch, honoring the essence of Nobu within the event.

Furthermore, attendees had the opportunity to witness a live painter skillfully crafting a beautiful piece of artwork portraying the esteemed Atlantis The Royal, which our client was delighted to possess. The event from its inception to conclusion, exuded an exquisite, vibrant, imaginative and daring ambience – embodying all of the qualities we strived to fulfil in order to satisfy the Atlantis’ “Feast of Dreams”


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