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Sherin Al Alami, Founder & Creative Director

Fluent in English, French and Arabic, Dubai based Canadian; Sherin Al Alami is the founder and brainchild of La Clé Entertainment. Her international experience and local know-how of the region, culture and scene, have delivered some of the most iconic productions and performance.

Raised in the artistic city of Montreal, Sherin has a love for anything live performance and in particular art, fashion and cutting edge bespoke acts with an emphasis on live music elements.

Her diligence and reliability paired with strong account management skills and friendly nature re, quickly made La Clé at the forefront of the event and entertainment industry in United Arab Emirates. She understands luxury on a professional andpersonal level.

Sherin has a great respect for the artists she represents combined with a direct approach when negotiating contracts and deals. She is equipped with a great understanding of the importance of quality and best industry practice and ensures that each project and brand she works with is represented in the best light.

Tehani Allang, Head of Artist Booking & Production 

Tehani Allang is no stranger to Dubai, she is from the now small group of young adults that were born and raised in Dubai during the 90s.

Initially setting foot in the world of wealth management, Tehani quickly

realised that her passion lay elsewhere - in the realm of creation! Driven by Dubai’s fast paced lifestyle and bustling event scene, she decided to take a leap into the events entertainment industry. Her friendly nature and laid back island vibes allowed her to easily jump in and pursue this dynamic career. Along the way, she has forged meaningful relationships with performers, artists, and colleagues from diverse backgrounds and corners of the world.

Tehani has been at the forefront of some of the most remarkable productions, bands, and live acts in the UAE and beyond. She has honed her skills as an Artist Booking Manager, first with one of the UAE's leading Entertainment Agencies and now, at the helm of the Artist Booking and Production Department. She is a genuine aficionado of live music, finding inspiration in the authentic sounds of musical instruments, all while harnessing her crafty talents to bring her creative ideas to life.

In a city known for its glitz and glamour, Tehani is a backstage magician who weaves the threads of art and entertainment into unforgettable moments.


Valeria Baigacheva, Artistic Director 

Valeria Baigacheva, an international and skilled artistic performer, specializes in Circus art forms such as Aerial Silk, Silk Duet, Straps Duet, Multy Ropes Duet, Moon, Frame, and Chandelier Hoop, along with stage acts like Revolving Ring and Acrobalance Duo.

In her role as an Artistic Creative Manager, she facilitates communication across creative and technical departments, oversees sets, props, lights, and sound, and ensures flawless technical cues during performances. Valeria also meticulously crafts costumes to meet artistic requirements.

As a contributing Artistic Props Designer, she offers innovative design solutions, and as a Stage Manager, she ensures the seamless execution of productions.

Trained at Youth Circus Kazakhstan, Moscow Dynamo Gymnastic Center, Moscow Aerial Circus, and Ukraine Mria Aerial Circus, Valeria has worked on numerous productions, including corporate events, various festivals, and theatre productions throughout the region. Additionally, she has covered numerous international exhibitions and received invitations for solo and duo performances from the USA, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Europe, GCC, and Asia.

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