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La Clé Bands

La Clé bands is a division focused on the conceptualization of musical bands deriving inspiration from our brands and artists.

La Clé team proudly develops bands through a mutual understanding and appreciation of the creative and artistry of musicianship.


La Clé has an eye for detail and for sourcing exceptional talent which we usher and develop through nurturing and developing them into a creative project  whilst respecting the artists vision and carefully representing them in the market.



With an affinity to Cuba and a vision to showcase its colourful music and culture in Dubai, Sherin Al Alami; Managing Director of ‎La Clé Entertainment, travelled to Cuba in search of fresh musical talent. Sherin Al Alami auditioned musicians in Havana and it was under her artistic direction and management that “Cubache” an ensemble of musicians, were formed and curated with their name even being chosen by La Clé.

Nominated “Best Bar  Band” in the 2018 & 2020 Time Out Dubai magazine Awards, the 6 piece band plays the very best authentic Cuban music, an addictive fusion of Latin and Afro rhythms that create the Buena Vista and salsa styles. The band features an influential mix of Spanish, French and Afro Cuban heritage musicians hailing from the regions of Santiago and Havana who are all passionate about maintaining the traditions of the genre.

Emulating and reviving Cuba's ‘musical golden age’, they perform the purest form of Cuban rhythms with a mix of Buena Vista Club renditions, Afro-Cuban son, salsa, merengue, rumba, chachachá, reggaeton and bolero. Cubache don’t just perform they re-enact the experience transporting guests to the streets of Cuba on a cultural journey!

 The project is more than just music but a show, which relies heavily on costuming and theming each band member. Every fortnight hours are spent styling the lead singer from braiding her hair to getting dresses tailor made with vintage inspired themed costumes relished with tropical colours, bright turbans, senorita necklines and flirty off-the-shoulder tops. Male band members are styled in staple Cuban attire including the very traditional and white Guayaberas and of course Panama hats to complete the look.

Cubache has successfully wowed audiences in the UAE for over one year with their hot salsa rhythms and authentic Cuban tempos! Emulating and reviving Cuba's "musical golden age" they perform the purest form of Cuban rhythms with a mix of Buena Vista Club renditions, Afro-Cuban son, salsa, merengue, rumba, Latin soul cha cha chá and bolero. 


The heart of the band is led by singer Lisandra - a young aspiring Cuban performer from Havana with a voice that crosses the breadth of authentic Cuban son, including boleros, afro-soul, rumba, salsa and Latin soul in particular. She has been singing since a very young age with musical inspiration and influences such as Celia Cruz, La Lupe, Omara Portuondo and Cuban pop sensation Gloria Estefan. She has performed in Turkey and on 5 star cruise liners performing salsa shows. 

Speaking for the band Sherin Al Alami “Cubache are a live band performing with original sheet music, they are the real deal! Once you hear a 6 piece band perform in all their glory vocals, percussion, bass, timbales, trumpet and keyboard, you really appreciate the rhythms and that come together to recreate Eastern Carribean sounds.” 

 La Clé is extremely proud to have curated such a project and to work closely with such talented musicians and a host of great venues that bring the concept to life by producing a spectacular live show. We brought Cuba to Dubai. It couldn’t get any more authentic. These musicians eat, breathe and sleep music. It’s in their blood and it’s their life.”

The Jazz Quarter 


With incredible talent and musicianship, and extensive performance experience across Dubai and their respective countries, The Jazz Quarter combines the sublime talents of vocals (led by Claudia Patrice,) piano, double bass, sax and drums to put a contemporary twist, unrivalled quality and superior performances of vintage classic 1930’s jazz and 1950s blues. ​A band formed in Dubai in January 2017

Collectively the band delivers an extensive repertoire of breathtaking renditions and timeless classics of swinging jazz and blues from the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, George Gershwin and more combined with unique twist on jazz standards and classic pop tunes in vintage rendition.cellist of the Southern Greece Symphony Orchestra.

Claudia is an accomplished singer/songwriter and record producer from London. With a 5+ octave range and dynamic power, she excels in her ability to sing with both passion while maintaining technical excellence. She has sung vocally, arranged and worked for various labels and artists including PWL, Kylie Minogue, Chaka Khan and Jocelyn Brown. Claudia has also performed in many countries including the USA, Spain, Italy, Lebanon, France, Turkey, Switzerland, Egypt and House Music havens WMC Miami, Aya Napa & Ibiza.

Les Bijoux 

An elegant 5 piece line up compromised of 3 violinists, 1 cellist and 1 flautist. Beautifully styled for any occasion, with their electric strings, they perform a powerful and vast repertoire of recognizable pop, classics and covers.

The ensemble has performed at some of Dubai's most luxurious fashion and cosmetic events such as MAC cosmetic, Palazzo Versace Anniversary party, Farfetch, NetAPorter and many more...

MAC - Starring You-80.jpg
MAC - Starring You-90.jpg

A List Band 

A-list is a La Cle in house band created together with musical  director and vocal powerhouse, Danny Sharples.

This 5 piece is an interactive, dynamic and youthful band  comprised of a DJ, percussionist and saxophonist, and led by a  male & female lead vocalists.

They are a perfect party band suitable for restaurants, club  lounges or any event, performing some of the top club and  radio hits from the 70s - early 2000s.

They are an energetic band that can interact even off stage and  get the crowd involved.

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