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With very little time to bring this together, we had to dive right in and create something to reflect what Rockstar stands for - ENERGY. Held at the famous White Club in Meydan, Dubai - La Cle had to immerse the space to make it an interactive “street style” experience for invitees.

Inspired by the Rockstar branding, La Cle styled our very energetic roller derby dancers who rocked the dance floor in gold sequin bomber jackets bright enough to catch the light and black leather to keep it rock. Their hair and makeup included the 80s rockstar waves and a big gold glitter star around their eyes and gold lips, and of course the standard rock n roll heavy black liner - what rockstars are all about!

Roller girls welcomed guests at the Rockstar photo wall showing off their skills and dance moves giving guests a taste of the energy of what to expect inside!

Our roller girls performed a fun choreography to an artist known for her “I don’t care” rocker persona’s song “So What!”, after which they rolled their way through to crowd where they hyped them up to enjoy the rest of the night.

Guests also had the opportunity to get creative at the live Graffiti wall where they were guided by top graffiti artists from LA and Bali to have part of their art on the Rockstar wall - La Cle pulled in the very best for Rockstar, bringing in Tazroc, an LA based graffiti artist known for his photorealism and custom murals on lowrider with a notable list of clients that include Snoop Dogg, Pepsi, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Usher, Sony Inc, to name a few, along with his team from Chicago, LA and Bali, to create a keepsake for Rockstar with the words big and bold “Life is your stage”. The installation was worked on for the duration of the event for guests to see the progress, creativity and energy that went into the final piece.

Guests also got to walk away with a little keepsake - over 300 cans were painted ahead of the event and customized live on site with guests names as a souvenir from this rocking night.


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