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La Clé recently transformed a magical Indian wedding into an extravagant burlesque themed night.

While guests glammed up in black tie attire, our team was diligently working behind the scene in the lead up to the evening to bring all the elements to life.

Lead by our in house choreographer Lena and our Creative Director, this 10 minute curated show stopper took the guests by surprise!

The Waldorf Astoria beach front set up by Event Chic Designs transformed the night, our handsome Boylesque artists complimented the set up to greet hundreds of guests arriving to the party in true chic and dapper 20s style. Lights were shimmering and so were their dresses!

With very little lead time, La Clé team jumped straight into casting some of the best male and female dancers to suit the show! We enter every project with a strong vision, our profiles were very clear and set in our minds so the selection process wasn’t too challenging for our team.

The beauty of show production is that audiences experience the best part of weeks of hard work. They see the finished product and experience the rush of the shows.

This production takes weeks of development, long nights and endless rehearsals. After we closed on casting, we kicked into rehearsals ASAP. Our track was remixed with a sound composer fusing both burlesque and modern commercial songs, rhythms, beats and momentums, allowing for our talent to showcase the powerful choreography using skillful dance movements and techniques such as flips, lifts, splits and acrobatic movements infusing all dance show elements.

Staying true to Burlesque we designed the final looks to incorporate sequins, crystals and lots of feathers! The final costume brought the show to life and was complimented by a beautiful stage and light production.

We Burlesqued!

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