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A Welcome To Remember - DWP Congress 2019

At La Clé we truly believe in happily ever afters

With over 500 of the best wedding connoisseurs gathered all under one roof it was time for La Clé Entertainment to shine and say I do! The much-awaited Dubai edition of the 6th Annual DWP Congress kicked off Wednesday 27th March with the welcome cocktail reception at the beautiful Nasimi Beach Atlantis The Palm Hotel - the crowning glory of the incredible man-made Palm Island in our lovely ‘City of Gold.’

The three day conference celebrated luxury destination wedding professionals looking to collaborate with like-minded connoisseurs in the wedding business to glean fresh perspectives, do business and network with some of the top creative partners and suppliers from all over the world.

The experience was well worth the wait as we showcased a snippet of our world-class entertainment to the crème de la crème of international wedding industry.

Come Rain, Hail or Shine....

Who said a little rain could stop this amazing line up! Because weddings can be unpredictable right? We believe the unpredictable weather gave the event even more authenticity. After all weddings can fall victim to bad weather even in the best months of the year! It gave the team a chance to go into event management overdrive madness that we honestly thrive in and in which some of best events shine!

Supplying entertainment around the world means dealing with the different climate conditions and adapting. La Clé is proud to have a team of dedicated individuals with event management expertise and equipped to mitigate any unwanted situation and the weather is one of those little “obstacles” which pop up from time to time. Let's just say we took the outdoors indoors!

And in true wedding style the 3-day celebration kicked off.....

Voila! Just like that, an unforgettable three day event was born - a marriage of first class luxury entertainment and articulated planning.

The welcome cocktail reception evening revolved around the theme of ‘The Pearlescent Dream’. Spectacular wedding décor theme adorned the venue providing the perfect backdrop to a luxurious scope of entertainment. Deriving inspiration from the pearlescent theme, our costume designers created bold and decorative costumes to bring our bespoke conceptualized characters to life. Everything from Avant-Garde hair and make up, exaggerated body art, decorative headpieces, to intricate detailing and embellishments on costumes was carefully fulfilled - the perfect compliment to a decadent three day event.

A beautiful and delicate ballerina ensemble charmed guests with a choreographed performance whilst four bespoke roaming coral and seashell inspired characters mingled with delegates creating the perfect ambience for the night ahead. Their costumes were executed with rich decorative elements and a color palette of coral and pastel pinks paired with metallic and gold accents.

A little fan fare or cockle shell...

A little fan fare or cockle shell...

Lady Rose mesmerized guests with on her spinning ring wearing a custom made over sized dress of red roses. Our contortionist ambushed guests with a spectacular freestyle performance balancing her way though surprised guests. A ballerina quartet also performed an “on point” contemporary performance to the soundtrack Piano.

Put a ring on it - The spectacular Lady in Rose bespoke act

Who could’ve missed the Midas Trio an operatic tenor act who surprised guests with their larger than life vocal performance that truly gave the midas touch to the welcome reception.

Midas Trio

With the rain passing it was all glitz and glam as 7-piece Funktronix led by powerhouse vocalist Claudia Patrice graced the stage with another stand out stellar performance that had guests toe tapping and jiving.

Funktronix 7 piece band led by vocal power house Claudia Patrice

A welcome reception would not be complete without a little rhumba, salsa and Buena Vista vibes! Cubache a 6-piece band straight out of Cuba took us back to Havana with a flavour filled performance that had wedding connoisseurs coupling up and hitting the dance floor for a little bachacata. The band was complimented with choreographed latin dancers to get the fiesta started!

It was truly a non-stop event packed day and the perfect prelude to Day 2 and Day 3 events and activities and, what better way to introduce wedding guests to the next day's conference with no other than a traditional Lebanese Zaffe band. The Zaffe performers enticed delegates with their show-stopping performance to kick off DWP Day 2 Conference.

A big thank you to all who attended and supported the La Clé Entertainment acts!

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