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Il Suono returns to Palazzo Versace Dubai

La Clé proudly introduces "Il Suono" to its list of luxury band curations. Il Suono, meaning “the sound” in Italian, is an operatic jazz duo act based in Dubai. Multiple genre vocalist Paul Bester strives to make every performance a memorable occasion, adding a wow factor to every event and making the audience feel like they are part of a special moment.

The duo collectively has a wealth of performing experience both internationally and locally in the region performing at 5-star venues and corporate events including the iconic Palazzo Versace Dubai. Together they deliver unrivalled sounds of the piano and vocals through a range of popular jazz and classical genres.

“Il Suono” returns 21st September to perform every Friday at Mosaico Lobby Lounge, Palazzo Versace from 5pm.

To book “Il Suono” for your next event please contact

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