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The Party…The Venue

When it comes to celebrating those important milestone birthdays, you either go big or go.…CUBA! And if you can’t get to Cuba you bring Cuba to Dubai! The La Clé team did exactly that by hosting a very special 40th birthday party at CubanoLito in Dubai’s Ibis World Trade Centre combining the perfect mix of entertainment, themed styling, and cuisine all under the one hacienda!

Step back to 1960 Cuba and into 2018 Dubai, Cubanolito is inspired by the architecture of old Cuba, mixed with flirty interiors and modern vintage. The unique blend of mid century luxury, Cuban elements and tropical hues makes the Cuban interior design stand out - the perfect backdrop for the fiesta!

The food….

Guests were transported to Cuba with handcrafted culinary elements from Cuban inspired food menus including tapas and canapés and Mojitos fused with tropical ingredients kept guests energized as they cha cha cha’ed their way through the evening faster than you can say Guan-tana-mera !

The Party….The Style

With no time for afternoon siestas, La Clé Entertainment took charge of wardrobe duties by even styling the birthday girl herself in a handmade Cuban inspired dress and fruit headpiece. Guests also took part in the Cuban theme takeover. Mix old Havana, 80s (minus the shoulder pads) and a whole lot of fruit! Vintage inspired themed costumes relished with tropical colours, bright turbans, fruit headpieces, ruffle dresses, senorita necklines and flirty off-the-shoulder tops. Band members and male guests were styled in staple Cuban attire including the very traditional and white Guayaberas and of course Panama hats to complete the look.

The Entertainment….

As if the costumes weren’t entertaining enough, throw a live band straight from Cuba and salsa dancers in the mix and you have yourself one fiery fiesta! Afterall, a Cuban party would not be a Cuban party without an authentic Cuban Live Band! The 6 piece live band, Cubache, performed 3 sets of robust non- stop Cuban rhythms including the very best of Buena Vista and hot salsa classics transporting guests to the streets of Cuba on a cultural journey that kept the mojitos flowing and cigars rolling!

and Gracias!

A big “muchas gracias” to the management team at CubanoLito for allowing La Clé to host this wild birthday party!

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