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Havana Nights Season II


The new season kicked off early with the return of energetic Cuban band - Cubache all the way from Cuba to perform Monday nights at Catch Dubai for their infamous Havana Nights Season II

Homegrown in Cuba, the 6 piece band plays the very best authentic Cuban son -an addictive fusion of Latin and Afro rhythms that create the Buena Vista and salsa styles. The band features an influential mix of Spanish, French and Afro Cuban heritage musicians hailing from the regions of Santiago and Havana who are all passionate about maintaining the traditions of the genre.

Emulating and reviving Cuba's "musical golden age" they perform the purest form of Cuban rhythms with a mix of Buena Vista Club renditions, Afro-Cuban son, salsa, merengue, rumba, Latin soul chachachá and bolero.

This season we welcomed new lead singer Lisandra - a young aspiring Cuban performer from Havana with a voice that crosses the breadth of authentic Cuban son, including boleros, afro-soul, rumba, salsa and Latin soul in particular. She has been singing since a very young age with musical inspiration and influences such as Celia Cruz, La Lupe, Omara Portuondo and Cuban pop sensation Gloria Estefan. She has held residencies in Turkey and on 5 star cruise liners performing salsa shows.

Cubache performs live at Havana Mondays at CATCH DUBAI, Fairmont hotel Sheikh Zayed Road, launching February 6th 2017 through to Ramadan 2017.

For bookings please email

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