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Bagatelle Relaunch Gala Dinner

Bagatelle re-launched with a lavish Gala dinner to celebrate an anticipated upcoming season of fine dining and entertainment.

The Gala Dinner showcased not only sweet sounds but a indulgent atmosphere of class, elegance, musician showmanship and gastronomic culinary riches that enveloped the Parisian inspired Bagatelle. The air was filled with soul New York temperament and inner city Paris chic.

La Clé took part in providing one the most dynamic Jazz bands in Dubai, Funktronix led by the powerful vocals of Claudia Patrice who is now Dubai based from London.

Opening the event in low-key jazz and blues influenced renditions, this virtuoso ensemble took the crowd on a journey that embodied blues, soul, and Motown heart.

Resurrecting diva soulful classics, they captured guests’ imagination to feel they were intimately dining with Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin.

It really was a magical night. We wish Bagatelle a successful season ahead.

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