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Tamba Launch Event

La Clé collaborates with Tamba on its launch in Abu Dhabi’s World Trade Centre Mall. A project and partnership was born truly inspired by Tambas unique Indian fine dining experience. La Clé wanted to bring this experience to life for the anticipated launch by not only providing entertainment but also creating a bespoke event combining production, decorative and entertainment unique to Tamba.

Tamba which is Hindi for “Copper” has a design fused with traditional Indian and modern elements which really inspired the La Clé team to generate ideas for bespoke entertainment and create a storyboard for the launch to include a mix of roaming artists, dance and musical performers.

As well as decorative interior space, Tamba boasts ample dining space including three private indoor dining areas, an elevated show kitchen showcasing the chef’s table and tandoor oven, central open bar and the wrap around rooftop terrace with views over Abu Dhabi CBD.

Not only were the spatial elements the perfect backdrop to a scope of entertainment, La Clé was also able to derive ample inspiration from Tamba’s rich decorative elements and color palette including oversized 3D copper ornaments, gold draperies and teal green tiling (which interestingly enough, teal green is the color that copper becomes once it is oxidized).

We thought it was artistically essential that these fine details be transported to a mood board to inspire and create an event truly bespoke to Tamba.

We were more than excited to take on the productive elements and execute them on the evening with a dedicated team. This included exterior elements such as a branded Media wall, cocktail tables, and a purple (Red) VIP carpet emulating the traditional red carpet was the perfect greeting for Tamba guests. The carpet was garnished with lit candles and tall copper and white branch arrangements that were eloquently placed to create an ambient corridor to the entrance of Tamba. An opening also wouldn’t be complete without a ribbon cutting that was ceremoniously cut by the Indian Ambassador to the UAE himself, His Excellency Mr. TP Seetharam.

La Clé provided not only entertainment, but also entertainment accompanied with themed styling. Our in house makeup artists and costume designers created bold and decorative costumes derived from the original mood board. Everything from Avant-Garde hair and make up, exaggerated body art , decorative veils and headpieces, to intricate detailing and embellishments on costumes was carefully fulfilled - the perfect prelude to an extraordinary performance by all La Clé entertainers.

Our Gold ballerinas ambushed guests with a spectacular freestyle “on point” performance weaving their way though surprised guests on the Tamba restaurant floor. Embellished head to toe with body paint and gold leaf to compliment their custom made ballerina tutus.

To compliment this performance were a duo of roaming hostesses mingling with guests and a duo of human statue hostesses welcoming guests. Adorned in body paint of purples, golds, teals and coppers and avant-garde hair styling these walkabout artists had guests in complete awe.

Throughout the night, in-house music kept guests moving and mingling but could not be complete without a traditional Indian performance. Our Indian Tabla performer added a subtle yet nostalgic touch to the night. The DJ Technology versus the membranophonic Indian instrument appears to be a collaboration both culturally and technically worlds apart.

The house beats of Tambas resident DJ accompanied by the improvised oriental sounds of the Indian percussionist resonated through the restaurant and created a memorable experience for guests who were able to enjoy the oriental atmosphere while still enjoying the bar/lounge and dining experience.

Never short of rotating entertainment at each turn, our gold Fire dancers kept guests on the outdoor deck entertained and warm with their daring performance. With stunning night views of the city made the perfect backdrop to a dare daring act using a mixture of rhythmic gymnastics, juggling and choreographed dancing while manipulating fire.

Thanks to all involved we had loads of fun creating an unforgettable restaurant opening and even more pleased to see everyone enjoying it as much as we did!

Thanks Tamba it was a pleasure to work with you all!

Blogger contributor: Louise Canning

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