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CATCH NYC with Salut London

Catch NYC Dubai invited the ever energetic party show band SALUT all the way from London to kick off the 1st anniversary celebrations.

SALUT comprises of London’s best session musicians and highly sought after industry singers. Fusing copious amounts of groove with pop, funk and party anthems, SALUT don’t just bring a band, they bring a show.

A show band in every right, SALUT started off the party with some soulful and funky vibe covers in their own rendition and style followed by peoples’ favorite number one party hits. The band didn’t miss a beat with their “catchy” performance and third encore set was in demand by the audience.

Thank you Catch NYC Dubai for collaborating with La Cle and having the funkiest and grooviest band for your 1st Anniversary celebration!

Blogger contributor: Louise Canning

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