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Monday Havana Nights with Son Yambu direct from London and Cuba

La Clé proudly presents the very best in Cuban music via London Son Yambu!

Flying in weekly and exclusively for Havana Nights, Son Yambu is an energetic 6 piece Cuban band transforming Bagatelle Dubai into a Cuban haven for those salsa lovers!

With international success each in their own right, these born entertainers emulate and revive Cuba's "musical golden age" and the very best of Buena Vista Social Club repertoire.

Playing the very best authentic Cuban son, an addictive fusion of Latin and African rhythms that create the Buena Vista and salsa styles. The band features a new generation of Cuban musicians who are all passionate about maintaining the traditions of the genre, continuing the Buena Vista legacy that put Cuban music back on the map in 1997. They give this irresistible music a contemporary edge, bringing their audiences a truly, sensational, authentic Latin music experience.

Fine diners and salsa dancers can experience the purest form of Cuban rhythms by Son Yambu who have been highly credited by the likes of BBC for their Buena Vista style performances. Patrons can expect to hear the very best mix of Cuban son, merengue, rumba, chachachá, mambo, and to a certain extent bolero.

A truly dynamic and engaging ensemble full of energy - who could resist that Havana Cuba vibe!?

You can see them hit the stage from 9.30pm at Bagatelle Dubai, Fairmont Hotel.

Need entertainment for your outlet? Get in touch with our team at La Cle,

Blogger contributor: Louise Canning

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