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PF Emirates showroom relaunch

La Clé collaborates on the relaunch of PF Emirates Showroom at Emaar Boulevard Downtown Dubai.

Our bespoke camouflage ambush contortion artist grasps the eye of guests as she performs a series of jaw dropping skilful acrobatic movements on the iconic Proust, Capellini chair displayed at the PF Emirates Showroom launch event. The geometric costume prints were customised creations by La Clé team to suit the performance and luxury piece of furniture.

By working closely with the brand we at La Clé were able to extract inspiration right from it's core identity, colors and timeless luxury furniture in order to create customised acts that captivated guests through a journey of artistic elegance.

The carpet musician greeted guests as they approached the showroom on an elevated podium playing a repertoire of classical music styled in a 10m carpet extended from her dress.

The bespoke roaming artists were inspired by the leaf of PF Emirates logo, we refer to them as Lady Fall & Autumn

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