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Founder of La Clé Entertainment Featured on CNN’s ‘Voices of the Crisis’

In April 2020 our founder Sherin Al Alami, was featured on CNN’s ‘Voices of the Crisis’ with Richard Quest. In the interview Sherin described how the pandemic caused a drastic halt to all business with the complete standstill of all gatherings, events, or parties. It forced her to act fast and make the difficult but necessary call to arrange flights home for some of our International La Clé artists.

“The whole world is feeling this, not just me. This is what I try to tell myself when I think “there is so much uncertainty with how long this could possibly go on and how much longer we could keep the company afloat!”

Despite the uncertainty of the situation, we at La Clé remained hopeful. Sherin explained how we would use the extra time for reflection, creative innovation, and reinvention; preparing for when things would reopen and be busy again. At the end of the interview, with a glint of hope, Richard said “When this is all over, next time I’m in Dubai, you can put on a party! How about that?!”

Well, true to his word, in January 2022, Richard Quest interviewed Sherin again, but this time in person! He also had the chance to listen to our amazing band ‘Cubache’, who have thankfully now returned to Dubai from Cuba. The reunion was a positive occasion, allowing us to reflect on our survival tactics and Sherin’s (newly discovered) virtue of patience, which have got us through this tough period. Richard described La Clé as a “symbol for resilience!”

We are proud to say that La Clé has been able to navigate through these intense challenges, and we are still here bringing joy through music and entertainment!

Click to listen to Sherin Al Alami’s interviews with Richard Quest of CNN:


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