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La Clé finally launches its in-house production!

After years of dabbling in design, the La Clé team finally took the leap and launched its in house production.

With a very hands on Creative Director and team, we knew that after many opportunities given to us to let our imagination run wild and bring the teams unique styles together to create the La Clé vision and execute them successfully at events, we wanted to be fully involved in making La Clé what it is known for - luxury entertainment. This was a natural evolution as most things should be! In the lead up to 2020 we found the confidence and were super excited to be able to do things on a grander scale.

Our team led by our Creative Director who is involved in all event briefs, attention to detail, quality control and strong inspiration that comes from her love for couture fashion, arts and the film world, allows us to differentiate ourselves from the international entertainment scene.

We love a challenge and having no limits on how big and BOLD we can go with our designs!

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